Mt.Tsukuba Omotenashi Rest House

February 2015

Mt.Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.

This cabin is a rest house for visitor in Japanese apricot Garden in Mt.Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.

The heart of the Japanese "omotenashi" which means the hospitality is this Rest House’s name, it a place that feels at ease and a little peace of mine.

The design concept of this Rest House is blends in with the architecture and the surrounding landscape, while adding a bright simple accent.

Vertical line of the conspicuous columns and walls are in the brown color close to black, not to interfere with the natural landscape. In contrast, massive roof and the ceiling is speculated white.

As nature look more pronounced, one-story cabin is not to interfere with the mountain scenery and down the height of the volume.

Structure is a conventional wooden. Normally, front and side of building needs several walls, but by arranging it perpendicularly to the inside and put it to the outside of the building, it able to the front and both sides on the entire glass. There are no walls that separate the indoor and the outdoor.

There is a wood-burning stove. It is using firewood that the pruned branches in the park, it could provide warm in winter season.
As if passing through a walk in the woods, the building can be accessed from 3 directions.

Mt.Tsukuba omotenashi Rest House

Address: 1690-3numata Tsukuba Ibaraki


Architect:Yoshikatsu Iwanaga+Sachiko Iwanaga /JIKOOYOOEN ARCHITECTS

Constructor: Takada Construction Company

Photographer:Norio Suzuki

The 29th Ibaraki building culture prize case choice

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